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Janette “JayJay” Johnson

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician
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Janette “JayJay” Johnson

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician

My name is Janette but let’s assume we’ll be good friends so call me JayJay.

I was raised in Southern Maine but I spent most of my young adult life traveling the world and eventually landing in Hawaii. Hawaii was a life changing experience from Iao Valley and the fresh running springs and the plethora of life in the oceans outside my front door. I felt connected with nature and it brought me untold peace and a deeper passion for life. I wanted this for every one, the sense of serenity I felt when I was swimming with turtles and sharks or under a waterfall hearing the birds singing their morning tunes. I thought, how? How could I recreate this feeling? This led me to take a deeper dive into holistic Aesthetics and I discovered my love for Massage Therapy. The power to heal the mind and body with my own two hands through Aesthetics and Massage combined was nothing short of magical.

Utilizing the experiences, tools and guidance of past chapters in my life I put this new knowledge to work. At the Spa at Saco Mills each and every treatment is an extension of myself and the experiences I have gained from you and the many chapters of this life that lead me here. Thank you all, yes, you the clients! For giving me the tools I needed over the years to create this home away from home for you.

Thank you for providing me with the countless opportunities to improve and hone my craft. Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege to provide space during some of your most trying times and some of your happiest. I am proud to be a part of your journey and you mine.

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From the sanctuary to the treatment room you are met with a peaceful, quiet environment meant to help guide you through your unique journey into harmony.

The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and beautiful. My massage therapist was very attentive and listened to all my needs. I left feeling completely relaxed and 100% ready to take on the rest of the week. Highly recommend The Spa At Saco Mills!

– Erin Shafer