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Nicole “Nikki”

Spa Manager, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sports Specialist
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Nicole “Nikki”

Spa Manager, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sports Specialist

Hello my name is Nicole but you call me Nikki.

Since graduating from massage school in 2005 I began to travel with it. Vail, CO. Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Mendocino,CA, St Thomas USVI. And now back in southern Maine where I grew up… To fondly remember a few. For the last 3 years I have been massaging and living on a small island in the Caribbean. Water Island, USVI.

I have had the pleasure of learning and working in many of the different professional environments you might imagine; as an employee at a high end spa to independent massage therapist. Solo beach massages to groups of 20. From working out of one location to traveling to many. I love it all. But I am particularly fond of being able to partake in the workings and collaboration of a spa. There is nothing like it. When the organization behind the scenes comes together to create a professional and clean environment fed by the diversity of clients and practitioners. It is a synchronicity that one can feel physically, and in a space providing healing and care for another this is a basic requirement that must be provided. For the biology/the body, this type of space is incredibly important, to feel safe and cared for while you are receiving any type of treatment protects all in this type of space.

The style of massage that has evolved over the years I describe as intuitive deep tissue and therapeutic massage. Deep massage work has the potential to find and release core muscle lines in the body, It can release the fascial system and create more comfortable space in the body.

It is a priority that each person knows how important they are to any of the work anyone is providing them. Communication is an incredibly important key, especially when it comes to deep muscular work… Preference, pain tolerance, mood, physical discomfort, and intention will be different in each session, it’s important to communicate this… And hydrate!

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From the sanctuary to the treatment room you are met with a peaceful, quiet environment meant to help guide you through your unique journey into harmony.

The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and beautiful. My massage therapist was very attentive and listened to all my needs. I left feeling completely relaxed and 100% ready to take on the rest of the week. Highly recommend The Spa At Saco Mills!

– Erin Shafer